“Lullaby” opening the Vienna Shorts’22

“Lullaby” will open this year Vienna Shorts’22. The program embarks on a cinematographic journey through time, from the 1960s until today. It starts with Norman McLaren’s classic “Opening Speech”  and open the screen to the world. It takes archival material to remember the Romanian dictatorship of the 1970s and bear witness to the shortcomings in […]

“Lullaby” wins the Max Ophüls Prize

“Lullaby” von Magdalena Chmielewska wins the Max Ophüls Prize for the best short film. From the Jury’s statement: This film surprised us with every twist and turn, yet always remained consistent and coherent. The portrait of this sleepless teenager girl starts with an original premise and takes us into the world of Eva, which is […]

New Horizons Studio+ awards

The 12th edition of New Horizons Studio+ took place from 12th till 15th August during the 21. New Horizons International Film Festival (12th – 22nd August 2021). Organized by the New Horizons Association and Creative Europe Desk Poland, it consists of workshops and lectures on various aspects related to the project promotion and development.  New […]

“Lullaby” celebrates its Austrian premiere at the Diagonale’22

Lullaby celebrates its Austrian premiere at the Diagonale in Graz. Here is the excerpt from the festival catalogue: Eva suffers from insomnia. She can sleep only when she is allowed to sleep over at a friend’s house. At dusk, her perception is transposed to an odd feverishness that Lullaby captures in sensuous and physical images. […]

My work screened on ARTE Television

My work screened on ARTE Television The making of about our cooperation with the Canadian Actress and Performer Stephanie Cumming and the artistic coordinator of the whole SONGBOOK project Michael Haneke will be aired both on ARTE and the Austrian State Broadcaster Television ORF. 

Film creme de la creme from Austria

„… With great precision and inventiveness, Chmielewska uses only a few brushstrokes to shape a complex figure. This is a person to whom violence has been done but who does not want to see herself as a victim. In an instinctively orchestrated process of self-empowerment, she recognizes her strengths ever more clearly, and she is […]