„… With great precision and inventiveness, Chmielewska uses only a few brushstrokes to shape a complex figure. This is a person to whom violence has been done but who does not want to see herself as a victim. In an instinctively orchestrated process of self-empowerment, she recognizes her strengths ever more clearly, and she is not afraid of them. In Maria Spanring, Chmielewska has found a congenial actress who captures Maya´s paradoxes both physically and psychologically. ”http://www.sixpackfilm.com/en/catalogue/show/2446

In times of quarantine and self-isolation, Cinema Next is bringing back their previous two seasons of the finest Austrian short films, which they presented exclusively and for a limited time in 2019 at the KINO VOD CLUB, the streaming channel of domestic cinemas: 11 award-winning short films by young filmmakers that are worth seeing and can now be viewed online again (free of charge) for as long as the prescribed quarantine lasts.