I’m an internationally experienced film director and screenwriter based in Vienna and Berlin, schooled at the  Austrian State School of Film and Television – Filmakademie Wien. My films traveled to numerous international festivals and won quite a few awards including the FIRST STEPS AWARD – the most important newcomer honors in the German speaking countries. My visual language focuses on telling the stories of a longing for something that has been lost while discovering otherness that lingers within each of us. Alternating between rawness and sensuality indicates my aesthetic approach that is wrapped in haptics of human bodies. Years of experience in contemporary dance and physical theater complete my methods of working with professional and non-professional actors.
Being hired as a director for commissioned works in Europe (Poland, Portugal, Austria, Germany) and East Africa (Tansania, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya) was an enriching part of my path. 
Currently I’m developing my first long feature that has so far been supported by the Austrian Film Institute ÖFI, Austrian Federal Chancellery, Austrian Screenwriter’s Association, Pop Up Residency and New Horizons Studio+.
Here you can watch my director’s show reel.