Wrapping on “Lullaby”

Eva (Magdalena Żak) simply cannot sleep. In an Austrian province, where she lives in a wealthy neighborhood with her father, Eva’s insomnia has become unbearable. In her desperate search for sleep Eva tries to stay the night at other peoples houses – just to try and get some rest. But how long will this last? The neighbors are becoming impatient. Same with Eva’s fencing partner and best friend Max: despite their friendship, he has shut his door to her. Represented by Lemonade Films.

Film creme de la creme from Austria

„… With great precision and inventiveness, Chmielewska uses only a few brushstrokes to shape a complex figure. This is a person to whom violence has been done but who does not want to see herself as a victim. In an instinctively orchestrated process of self-empowerment, she recognizes her strengths ever more clearly, and she is not afraid of them. In Maria Spanring, Chmielewska has found a congenial actress who captures Maya´s paradoxes both physically and psychologically. ”http://www.sixpackfilm.com/en/catalogue/show/2446

In times of quarantine and self-isolation, Cinema Next is bringing back their previous two seasons of the finest Austrian short films, which they presented exclusively and for a limited time in 2019 at the KINO VOD CLUB, the streaming channel of domestic cinemas: 11 award-winning short films by young filmmakers that are worth seeing and can now be viewed online again (free of charge) for as long as the prescribed quarantine lasts.

Casting directors and actors workshop with the legendary Ron Burrus

Three days with the charismatic Ron Burrus who shared with us his method of working on a scene. Thank you Wolfgang Murnberger for making it possible.
Mr. Burrus apprenticed under Stella Adler for the teaching of technique and then taught alongside her for 10 years before opening his own Ron Burrus Studio in Los Angeles. Twenty-five years later Mr. Burrus rejoined the staff in New York and merged his studio with the Stella Adler Studios, NYC for the creation of the Art of Acting Studio, Los Angeles. He is known to be the greatest exponent of Stella Adlers work. Spending most of his teaching time in Los Angeles has resulted in Mr. Burrus adjusting the realistic acting technique (Marlon Brando being the foremost student) for film and the articulation of its doable principles for the 21st century. 2020 will mark the beginning of his 47th year of teaching.
As for Ron talent is the ability to connect to the life of something. Loved this one!