Los Angeles: participating in a panel discussion on gender equality

It’s my great pleasure to share my ideas on gender parity in film and beyond with the great speakers and the LA viewers: We Can Do It: Achieving Gender Equality in Film and Beyond- Co-presented by the European Union, in collaboration with the Pacific Council on International Policy. As society continues to react and respond […]

Grant: “If she can see it, she can be it”

Magdalena Chmielewska und Andreas F Schiessler ziehen mit ihrem Exposé „Olka” in die nächste Runde unseres IF SHE CAN SEE IT, SH E CAN BE IT Wettbewerbs ein. Gleich nach der Preisverleihung haben wir sie gebeten, uns zu verraten, was es für sie bedeutet, bei gerade diesem Wettbewerb gewonnen zu haben: „Wir finden es sehr […]

Wajda School about Am Himmel

Both re-shoot and editing process of Am Himmel was supported by my sessions with Leszek Dawid at Wajda Film School. Very grateful for his feedback!

Casting in Poland

Mai 2018: It was my pleasure to work with amazing Przemek Bluszcz and Eliza Rycembel.

Stephanie Cumming will feature Gretchen am Spinnrade.

Stephanie Cumming will feature Margarete in the SONGBOOK Project directed by Magdalena Chmielewska. 10 selected directors will realize under the auspices of Michael Haneke their Songbook shorts that will then celebrate their premiere on the Austrian State Broadcaster and ARTE.