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Am Himmel / Heaven’s Meadow

Gretchen Am Spinnrade (winner ARTE prize)

First Steps (winner First Steps Award 2018)interview

Deutsche Filmakademie

Filmakademie Wien

Drehbuchforum Österreich (grant)

Sixpackfilm distribution

Cinema Next Startstipendium Bundeskanzleramt (grant)

Diagonale Graz Film Festivalinterview

Purpose Magazine interview (Polish)

current film project in development:
OLKA, feature film, 90min, Austria/Germany/Poland, stage: screenwriting

16-year-old Olka has lost emotional support between her divorcing parents and is sleepless. Living in a provincial town in Poland, in the local fencing group Olka wears herself out to the point of total exhaustion. With an epee in her hand, she fights her way through her breaking family in search of love, security and sleep. 

contact: mail ((at)) magda.vision